決勝百家樂算牌 百家樂預測 百家樂分析程式

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Decisive Winning Prediction System The login URL is at the bottom, please be patient to finish the teaching

How is the program predicted?

系 統 採 用 大 數 據 分 析,大 數 據 加 入 電 腦 後 再 經由 電 腦 生成 開 牌 結 果,使 用 團 隊 研 發 多 套計 算 公 式 , 再 進 行 演 算 取 平 衡 度 最 佳 的 一 組 計 算 公 式 來 加 入 系 統 使 用。
The system uses big data analysis. After the big data is added to the computer, the card opening result is generated through the computer. The team is used to develop multiple sets of calculation formulas, and then the calculation is performed to obtain the most balanced set of calculation formulas for use.

預 測 功 能 介 紹

使 用 辦 法
How to do it

1. 設 定 最 低 的 下 注 金 額
1.Set the minimum betting stack

2.設 定 獲 利 點 ( 每 局 設 定 最 低 下 注 額 的 7 ~ 1 5 倍 效 果 最 佳 )
Set a profit point (7 to 15 times the minimum bet per round is the best result)

3.設 定 停 損 點 ( 內 有 設 置 保 贏 停 損 設 置,建 議 設 定 每 局 設 定 最 低 下 注 額 的 2 ~ 5 倍 )
Set the stop loss point (there is a set stop loss setting for guaranteed wins, and it is recommended to set the minimum bet amount for each round 2 ~ 5 times)

4.設 定 是 否 預 測 和 局 對 子
4.Set whether to predict and match

5.開 局 輸 入 前 1 0 局 刷 至 勝 率 5 0 % 以 上 以 後 , 再 輸 入 一 局 按 下 開 始 預 測

After the first 10 rounds of the opening input are swiped to a win rate of 50% or more, enter another round and press down to start the prediction


Mode introduction

公式跟系統差在哪里 ?
What is the difference between the formula and the system?

系統預測會不斷的抓資料庫不會停止預測,百家樂公式預測失敗時會停止預測轉為觀察,並記錄牌局,計算 出結果後重新開始預測
The system predicts that it will continue to grab the database and will not stop the prediction. When the Baccarat formula fails to predict, it will stop the prediction and switch to observation, record the game, calculate the result and restart the prediction

Continuous search

Yuzhuang and Zhuang are leisure and leisure, and stop when they jump

Predict and observe, and record the next game, calculate the result and start the prediction again, each game needs to enter the result of the game, start betting when there is a prediction

Smile mind

見莊跟莊,見閑壓閑,見跳跟跳 輸時停止預測觀察,並記錄後面牌局,計算出結果後再開始預測,每局都需輸入牌局結果有預測時在開始下注
See banker and banker, see idle pressure, see jump and jump. Stop predicting and observing when you lose, and record the next game, calculate the result before starting to predict. Each game needs to enter the result of the game and start betting when there is a prediction

Sanzhu Road:

If the prediction fails, the system database will check similar games and predict again the most likely card game. It is applicable to the case where there is no consecutive banker and more players. 4 or more hands

Single bead double way:

Single-plant and two-way prediction, banker and player, single-jump, double-jump, use six sets of BBP, BPB, BPP, PBP, PPB, and PBB to check similar hands with the database to predict the most likely hands again, and predict the three bead roads at a time, applicable In any hand, it is recommended that single jump and double jump are mostly used


Chip distribution selection instructions

Ranking of chip allocation risk (from high risk to low risk)

  • 馬丁
  • 五局八星(修正版)
  • 四局勝追
  • 均注
  • 五局八星(正規版)

Five rounds and eight stars (revised version)
Four innings
All note
Five Bureaus and Eight Stars (Regular Edition)

Chip allocation high winning rate and profit ranking (from high to low)

  • 五局八星(正規版)
  • 五局八星(修正版)
  • 四局勝追
  • 馬丁
  • 均注

Five Bureaus and Eight Stars (Regular Edition)
Five rounds and eight stars (revised version)
Four innings
All note


Introduction to traditional baccarat functions

Traditional baccarat prediction function, using card counting to make predictions

Instructions for use

1.Enter the current total number of bureaus

2.Enter the current number of banker wins

3.Enter the current number of idle wins

4.Enter the total principal


5.Set stop loss


6.Set the minimum bet amount

Table selection setting allows calculation function, adjustment formula calculation accuracy

If you don’t want to enter, you can cancel the table selection and use the non-stop adjustment formula to calculate


Input usage

Enter the banker and player of Baccarat according to the real-time card deal, no need to enter if you have not made a card (if you click the wrong card, there is no box)

After inputting, just press forecast!!


Chip distribution mode

  • 馬丁
  • 五局八星(修正版)
  • 四局勝追
  • 均注
  • 五局八星(正規版)

Five rounds and eight stars (revised version)
Four innings
All note
Five Bureaus and Eight Stars (Regular Edition)

Dragon Tiger prediction function

How to use

Enter the dragon or tiger according to the real-time licensing. Some online entertainment platforms have different dragon colors. Please pay attention

(Note that which side of the first card is dealt is entered in the dragon style, and the side that is dealt the second card is entered into the tiger)


Simulated Baccarat Function Introduction

The card game simulation function can quickly simulate the effect of each mode, and the card game simulation rule description

The card issuing rules of computer simulation betting are the same as the standard baccarat game: that is, 8 decks of poker have a total of 416 cards, randomly shuffled, then undergo 2 cuts, take out the first card, and take out the corresponding number of cards according to the suit. , The cards are officially issued and reissued according to the rules of baccarat, and the cards are issued until the second cut point. After the authorities have issued the cards, the cards are issued and the remaining cards are discarded. When the boots are over. According to this standard, each shoe card is between 68-78 rounds. All simulations are only objectively presented by big data for interest analysis.

Can simulate 1 round, 20 rounds, 50 rounds, 100 rounds at a time

Demonstration One

Simulate 100 rounds

Enter the principal, bet amount, profit point, stop loss point, betting mode, number of simulated rounds






You can click on the details of each round, it will display the shuffled cards and the betting status of each round, and you can know the usage status of each combination through simulation